Mingxin China Growth Fund is an international private equity investment fund.  Currently the funds under our management are as follows:

Mingxin China Growth Fund I (formerly Mingly China Growth Fund) (USD Fund I)
Govtor Mingly Growth Venture Capital Company Limited (RMB Fund I)
Mingxin China Growth Fund II (USD Fund II)

These funds are committed to making critical growth and expansion stage investments in China.

We also established Yantai Venture Capital Investment Co., Ltd.  in Yantai with Yantai Municipal Government and Hongda Fund.

Our Advantages

• The Fund Management Team and its Advisors include a collaboration of successful and experienced U.S. and Chinese investment professionals
• Demonstrated ability to identify sector leaders and willingness to cooperate with portfolio founders
• Experience from continuously successful investments and active approach to help companies succeed in future
• Hands-on operating experience to help enhance management& operation ability
• Global network of contacts to assist with technology, sales and marketing and management expertise
• Both Foreign Currency Fund and RMB Fund to meet financing needs of various companies

Our view of Chinese market  

• Fast economic growth
• Strong consumer demand and rapidly expanding middle class
• Low labor and operating cost
• Improving product and service quality
• Increasingly transparent investment environment
• Rapid growth of domestic private companies
• Private companies emerging as market leaders in growth sectors

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